Endeavour Departure

On September 19, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour left its home at Kennedy Space Center. Endeavour will be on perminant display at the California Science Center in LA. I attended several media events during the week, including the pushback of the shuttle from the Mate/Demate structure and the actual takeoff from the top of the Vehicle Assembly Building at KSC. Endeavour was a fantastic machine and will be missed.
takeoff titusville 2  Takeoff flyby of the VAB takeoff titusville 1  Takeoff with Titusville FL in the background bank1  Flyby of the VAB with chase plane bank2  Flyby of the VAB final flyby 1  Final approach and low level flyby of the runway where several thousand guests and employees watched on. final flyby 2  Final approach...
IMG 1021  Pushback from the M/DM IMG 1034  I got to spend some time taking with Kay Hire who flew on Endeavour and Columbia. IMG 1044  Me, Kay, and my friend James Brown.  The flag in this image was Jimmy's and it actually flew aboard the transport with Endeavour back to LA. IMG 1070 IMG 1112 IMG 1118
IMG 1128 IMG 1144 IMG 1149  Shot from atop of the Mate/Demate Device IMG 1167  Shot from atop the Mate/Demate Device IMG 1179  Shot from inside the Mate/Demate Device