Nebula Images

A Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust and gases (typically hydrogen) formed around stars that are either forming, collapsing, or have exploded as a supernova. These gases and dust form beautiful objects to photograph using special filters and optics.
christmas ha rgb ha5 ic1318 LRGB 2 color scaled Ha flat m42 434 4 med  Below The Belt Rosette Nebula IC405 IC410 Orion Ha LRGB  The Great Orion Nebula
Horsehead Ha lrgb1  The Horsehead Nebula IC443 ngc-281 2 med  Pacman Nebula vdb 142 ha lrgb  Elephant Trunk Nebula ngc 7023 LRGB  The Iris Nebula Veil Ha OIII lrgb  The Veil Nebula
PK164 Planetary Nebula  PK 164 M1 - The Crab Nebula           Untitled Document                          Designation: M1           Scope/Optics: DSI RC10C                   Name: The Crab NEbula            Camera: Apogee U16M D9F                   Distance:            Mount: AP1200 GTO                   Date: 01.14.2010           Filters: Astrodon 3nm Ha, 3nm OIII, LRGB                   Exposure: Ha-10x20min, OIII-10x20min, L-10x10min, RGB-12x5min           Processing:CCDStack, Photoshop CS4                   Location: Deerlick Astronomy Village           Aquisition: m1OASYS, CCDAutoPilot ngc7023 50 vdb141 50 M27 in Ha-L-RGB  10x10min of RGB each binned, 9x20min of Ha, and 10x10min of Lum.  I only used the Ha data for m27 itself.  The skies were not that great, 7/10.  Shot using Apogee U16M camera and AstroDon filters.  All shot remotely from my automated observatory at DAV. M20 Ha LRGB med  M20 - The Trifid Nebula
M78 in Orion cocoon Halrgb 50 IC1396 in Ha RGB  IC1396, AKA The Elephants Trunk Nebula.   Camera:SBIG STL11000, Scope:DSI RC10C, Mount:AP1200 10x5min each of LRGB, 12x20min of Ha.  This image was shot from my m1OASYS automated observatory at Deerlick Astrionomy Villate.  The skies were good, 8/10. Thor's Helmet California Nebula in Ha RGB North America Complex
1396 haRGB  Collaboration project with Bob Holzer and Scott Hammonds using data from FSQ106, AP160 and AP130. M8 M20 in Ha RGB  Widefield of M8 and M20 from DAV.  Location: Deerlick Astronomy Village Equipment: AP130 f6, Camera: STL11000 Exposure: RGB = 10x5min  Ha 12x20min IC 2177  The Swan Nebula from DAV ldn1622  LDN 1622 in Bernards Loop Crescent Nebula NGC6888  Crescent Nebula from DAV IC405 in HaRGB from DAV
IC 443 in Ha RGB NGC7000 North America Nebula witchhead med Witch Head Nebula color scaled Ha flat m42 434 4 sm m27haRGB 50 sm